My name is Jeff and I am from the Seattle area.   My line of work is aerospace.  I design and develop avionics for space craft and rocket engines.  

From an early age I've been involved in electronics.  First at the age of five, I was learning Ohm Law and soon after tinkering with projects and building things.   Machining, soldering, fabrication, design, experimentation, all of that inculcated in my upbringing to the point where in University I studied computer science and obtained a degree in that field.  I've also studied undergraduate level electrical engineering and related courses.

So it is no wonder that I am fascinated and interested in ham radio.    Primarily focused on building equipment.   I also like designing antennas and trying new designs (mine or others, after some iterations).  Combined with the technical work, I truly enjoy working DX stations.  The "chase" is obviously fun, even if sometimes a bit absurd, especially when the DX is very rare and my call is among dozens or more trying to ply the band for a signal report.   But nonetheless, I still try. And slowly work my way up the count for ATNO (all time new ones).

I have another passion which has gone for some time without much success -- which is to be on a DXpedition team.  I know inside that I have the skills to contribute to the team -- a troubleshooter, dishwasher, cook, first-aid provider, radio operator, antenna maker and repairer and general "keep everyone alive" type of survival skill and attitude.  Plus, I am a people person and enjoy being around those who I can closely affiliate in some domain.   I suppose that I picked up that itch as a young man working on crab fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, or trapesing through the wilderness as a Scout and with my father in the North Cascades.  To put it bluntly, my rucksack of 10+ essentials is packed and ready.   Radio in Pelican case and assorted equipment one hour from departure.

But, that will have to wait, shall it?

I enjoy the role of Mentor and "Elmer" in both the field of radio and system/software development.   At the same time I seek to know people who are in the core field of either radio or systems/hardware and learn all I can from them.   All mentors need their own mentors too -- in order to keep learning and adapting.

Drop you call if you hear me.  Please.  I'll try to leave plenty of break in the QSO; let me hear from you and I hope that I do.

All the best,


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