Lord Howe Island - 2024

The details are online:  https://howeania2024.org/

With a lot of encouragement and sage advice gathered in the last couple years from talking with members of the WWDXC, and others --  I am going to try something...

I am activating Lord Howe Island (VK9L) in July of this year.  I've never been on a DX'p before so this will be a grand experiment and an adventure that I've thought about for the last 12 years or so.  It's roughly #63 in the wanted-list.

QRV dates are scheduled between approximately August 11-12th and August 1st.  I leave Seattle July 8th, touch down on LHI July 10th (local time).

It is a solo operation.  I won't have the full DX'pedition experience of being on a Team and all that entails. However, a large part of the goal is about learning what a DX'pedition is like.  Hopefully,  I'm going to learn what I need to work on and return better at DX'peditions for the next times.   

Please listen for me on Lord Howe Island. I'll be doing all I can to work CW, SSB and FT8.

I'll be using LiveStream and log-updates to ClugLog as long as the network access remains in place.  LoTW will be used and the QSL manager set.   More on that later.

I want to thank Al Rovner K7AR and Bob Norin W7YAQ especially for giving me time on the telephone to talk about Lord Howe Island and insights about that location.  Thanks also to the handful of peer-reviewers who provided advice.



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