Wanted: DX'pedition

I want to be on a team that executes a DX'pedition.

In order to do that I have some homework assignments to complete.

  1. Raise funds for "buy-in" on the team.
  2. Make connections with the team leaders who plan, set, and execute the operation.
  3. Sharpen my skills and establish a "CV" for my DX'p credentials.
In the mean time, the small work entails:
  • Working more DX.
  • Participating in Contests (to test my mettle in very large pile-ups)
  • Visit with experts and gain understanding of the nuts and bolts of DX'p
There are some logistics to deal with -- like the fact I have a full time job and that takes priority for the time being.  But with the right set of circumstances, I'm sure things can be arranged.

But the number-one job is to fund the opportunity -- As they said in the Apollo moon mission era "No bucks, no Buck Rodgers".   In DX'p, no money, no seat on the plane/boat.

But I am going to make that problem go away, soon.

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