Saturday, March 23, 2024

Yes, time for radio!

Recently I decided to go into semi-retirement. I used to work for Blue Origin.

I've left Blue Origin and the aerospace world. As some colleagues would call it, 'turned in my space boots'.

I have plans -- one is to go back to college and earn my master's degree in electrical engineering (MSEE) because eventually I want to teach/instruct college students the ways of embedded software and systems. A mix of hardware and software that involve direct access to the 'magic sand'. That'll take me a couple years I suppose.

In the mean time, carve out a web-shingle that reads in part 'Embedded Software Blacksmith' and do consulting for enterprises trying to unravel the issues that tangle up a lot of programs -- safety critical software, processes, requirements, and board bring-up, and how to mentor and grow burgeoning software teams from scratch.

I'm thrilled about the new opportunities I have and look forward to making great things happen.

It also means my involvement with the Western Washington DX Club will increase as well as my endeavors with chasing DX stations and working on antenna designs for colleagues who are doing expeditions.

A lot of fun things to do.  

I'm very excited for the opportunity.

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